I just read again the article Beacon of Relief you wrote about us for Community Health magazine. Ever since it appeared, I’ve meant to tell you how impressed I was that, will very little input from me, you “nailed” the topic of phototherapy and explained it in a clear, straightforward manner. I admire your writing style and appreciate your thorough research. Several publications in the region have written similar articles, but each one contained factual errors and misquotes. I was a bit leary when you first contacted me, but your well-written article made us look good, and for that I thank you.

Marcia Schlueter
Healing Rays Phototherapy
Cape Girardeau


I just wanted to thank you for such a great article. It showed how special our riders are and how much they are dedicated to their sport. It made my morning when I saw it in the paper – Thank you so very much!
Krista Kell
Activities Director, Beverly Farm

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